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The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is the regulatory authority for the communications sector in Kenya. Established in 1999 by the Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998, the Authority is responsible for facilitating the development of the information and communications sectors including; broadcasting, cybersecurity, multimedia, telecommunications, electronic commerce, postal and courier services.

PROJECT: COMMUNICATION AUTHORITY - ICT consumer forum, popularly known as Kikao Kikuu


Conference & Exhibitions with Luncheon and Roadshows

  • Baringo County
  • 1500 Delegates
  • 40 Exhibitors
  • Roadshows
  • Luncheon
  • 2 Consecutive ICT Center Launch


As the ICT regulator, the Authority is charged with safeguarding the interests of consumers of ICT services. This is achieved through enforcement of consumer regulations as well as educating users of these services on their rights and responsibilities. One of the avenues is the County ICT consumer forum, popularly known as Kikao Kikuu. In this forum, the Authority is partnering with County Governments to host public forums that act as platforms of interaction between ICT consumers, the Authority, service providers and other stakeholders to discuss and explore solutions for communications challenges in the counties.


  1. To hold brief on the various events as presented by the Communications Authority of Kenya;
  2. Conceptualize the execution of the events
  3. Designate a CA Account manager, to be main liaison for management of all event.
  4. Participate in briefing meetings at the CA’s HQ Office on Waiyaki Way Westlands, Regional Offices and at the event venues, as was agreed upon
  5. Participate/ accompany the Authority staff to various preparatory meetings as required; eithe at CA’s HQ Office, regional offices or where advised;
  6. Providing professional advice and raising any clarifications required from the brief of the event;
  7. Sourcing for all items as were required for event as per the brief;
  8. Mobilizing participants for various events as detailed in brief;
  9. Conceptualizing and providing event management services as per brief;
  10. Preparing and presenting an events management plan for the execution of each event
  11. Undertaking dry-runs when required;
  12. Executing the event as per approved event management plan and writing a report as per predetermined format;
  13. Preparation and presentation of an outline of the event report
  14. Participating in evaluation meetings


Our solution was to create a Five-day event in one venue, addressing the needs and demands of all the different stakeholders involved.
The event was a huge success for CA, both internally for cementing their roles, structures, and externally – with business partners and customers both rating Connections as an excellent event. Over 1,500 consumers together with 500 invited delegates attended. Delegate feedback was especially complimentary about the new format of reaching the consumers comprising three information-packed days of keynote sessions, seminars, workshops, roadshowask-the-expert clinics and one-on-one sessions, combined with a structured networking environment and extensive exhibition and demonstration areas. Sponsorship and exhibition stand generated Ksh.840,000 of additional income, offsetting a major proportion of the overall costs. Exhibitors had an excellent event and reported high levels of interest in their products – so for all event stakeholders, the event was a great success.

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