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Table is a touch based Interactive screen. It is built in a table format for surround presentations and displaying information. It has the ability to recognize up to 32 simultaneous touches. This enables multiple people to be around the table at the same time. It’s ideal for sharing information or other activities where everyone can be hands on at the same time.

Enhance your presentations to users and customers with the interaction of the 360 degree surround angle to view photos, videos, documents, webpages, global maps, architectural drawings and all kinds of different applications.

Users can actually use their hands or fingers to control and grab any content displayed on the uTable. The uTable also recognizes gestures making it feel like you actually have the contents in your hands.

The uTable has a high quality metal finished and white powder coated frame and stand. It has a ventilated storage compartment for a laptop or desktop required to drive the uTable.

It is available in 40", 42", 46", and 55". The uTable can be placed in almost any environment where information needs to be displayed to an audience and requires interaction. These include, meeting rooms, function rooms, building foyers, display areas, hospitals and exhibition buildings.

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Interactive LCD & LED Touch Screens are revolutionising the way we teach, train and present. Interactive technology enables you to present and capture all of the contents of your training or teaching session in real time.

Its applications are limitless ranging from education, presentations, boardroom and conference room collaboration or being used as interactive information kiosks.

An Interactive touch screen connects to your PC, Laptop or Mac and displays your presentation onto a 55", 65", 70", or 82" LCD or LED panel. Captivate your audience when you open applications, navigate the web, use the virtual keyboard to type information, annotate over the top of the displayed information or utilise your existing interactive whiteboard software.

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