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    As an Event Management company, we ensure all our events are tactically designed through our competence technical engineers and graphic designers. During the Creative Visual Design process, we establish ways to effectively engage with your target audience. We combine both market research and consumer insight methods of research to project the outcomes when designing the strategy for your events, brand activation, roadshow, exhibition, conference or events campaign.

    Our own success can only be measured against the results of our clients, that’s why we ensure that every event delivers your business goals and exceeds your expectations on return on investment.

Unicore Limited


Unicore Limited, ensures that whatever we do, be it an event, brand activation, roadshow, exhibition, conference or simply an interaction with our promotional staff, that we as an event management company facilitate a memorable face to face interaction between a brand and its consumers.

With our event management company’s expertise at your disposal, you’ll have everything you need for a wide range of event types, large and small, corporate and private. We’re an event management company that has worked with many types of clients on various functions with great success. Yours could be next.



    From sales conferences and award ceremonies to product launches and gala receptions, Unicore will provide the desired ambience while effectively conveying your company’s message through our event production team.

    Walk out confidently to greet your audience with ample lighting, great sound, screens with top clarity and all the technical bells and whistles in place and working as expected. Our event production company makes sure that not only is your presentation everything you dreamed of, but that you’ll experience the best logistics possible.

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Audio Visual Services

With a broad range of speakers, sub woofers, amplifiers, mixers and PA equipment available, it can become very difficult to select the right combination to suit your requirements and environment. Our extensive experience in design and audio visual installation offers you access to our expertise and the latest audio technology.


AUDIO VISUAL SYSTEMS DESIGN & INSTALLATION - we deliver customised, turn-key Audio Visual solutions. We’ll design, supply & install a solution that works for you.

Our Audio Visual Solutions are designed in a way that guarantees seamless integration with our other solutions. Our customised Audio Visual infrastructure forms a robust foundation for our Digital Signage, Music, Media and specialised Atmospherics Solutions as well as our PA evacuation systems.

About Us

Unicore Limited is your 1-stop specialized events company with a holistic and professional understanding of the events industry in today’s dynamic era.

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